Objective:  Evaluate each video to identify key concepts covered and generate tags for implementing elastic search

Concept: This involves: 

    1. Evaluating each video on the website and identifying the concepts covered in each video.
    2. Generating tags for each video based on the concepts covered to implement elastic search

Issues Addressed: Tagging the content available on the website will help in automatically recommending related videos to the user and also for archiving the content on the website.

Tech Needs:

Problem Statements Know-How
Identifying knowledge keywords Text extraction,  speech-to-text synthesis, Video SEO, text mining
Creating concept Clouds Concept Cloud Diagrams


Details: Currently the POS website has a host of videos related to the course content offered by Pratham. Creating proper tags for the videos will help in archiving the content that is currently on the website. Tagging the content will also help in automatically recommending other videos on the website which are related to the current video.

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Auto-tagging of Content
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