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Objective: To see the changes in user behaviour over time from different programs in how they use the PraDigi App

Concept: Create personas based on behaviour flows and track if and how they change over time.

Issues Addressed: Understanding how user interactions with the app change over time will help us understand user interest and user behaviour.

Tech Needs:

Problem Statement Know-How
Create personas based on behavioral flow Graph traversal logic, creating click maps, traversal algorithms
Understand differences in the personas based on the nodes covered and the path traversed through the behaviour graph over time Clustering, BFS/DF graphs, classification


Details: PraDigi app created by Pratham has content related to different courses that a student can go through. Understanding how the students use the app and how their interactions with the app changes over time will help us to better understand which courses are more popular and retain interest over time.

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Creating personas based on behaviour flows and capturing the changes over time
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