Objective: Improve the searchability of all the content available on the POS website

Concept: Classifying and tagging all the content on the POS website based on its attributes like resource type, language, subject, topic, age group, etc

Issues Addressed:  Correctly tagging and classifying all the content on the POS website will not only help in improving the search results on the website but also help in curating and archiving the content currently on the website

Tech Needs:

Problem Statement Know-How
Implement Elastic Search on the website (dependency on keywords for each resource) Text mining, Elastic Search

Details: POS website currently has all the course-related content developed by Pratham for students in different age groups. Correctly tagging each resource based on attributes like the resource type (Eg: video, stories, etc), language, subject, topic, and age group will help in streamlining the search results on this website and also curate and archive all the content hosted on the website.

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Improve Content Searchability on the Pratham Open School (POS) Website
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