Objective: Trace the origin of a fake claim or social media post

Concept: Scrape through the social media platforms to trace the origin and reach of a fake claim or social media post

Issues Addressed: Tracing the origin of a fake claim or post will help in curbing the spread of false information. This will also help in understanding the time frame in which the post/claim became viral.

Tech Needs:

Problem Statements Know-How
Create a bot/crawler to scrape through various social media channels (like twitter, facebook, instagram etc) Web crawlers/ spiders, search engine bots, Text Mining
Reach of the message: tree of origin (direct share and date of post) Tracing messages

Details: Spread of false information through social media, whether intentionally or unintentionally, has become a huge problem today. Tracing back a false claim to its origin will help not only in stopping its spread but also in understanding the chain through which this message was shared and the time taken for it to reach its current audience.

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Tracing the origin/source of a fake post
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