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Skill Requirement:
Ability to ideate & develop relevant content for learners in various age-groups from urban & rural communities across India.

At present our content in reaching children in 20 states by:
-Direct Outreach in 8000+ communities, by dissemination of “Karona – Thodi Masti, Thodi Padhai” content in 11 languages, through WhatsApp & SMS
-Collaborations with governments in 7 states to utilize Pratham’s digital library of content in eleven Indian languages.
-Collaborations with 74 partner organizations.
Thus, continuous creation of fresh content and its dissemination is vital to meet the current learning needs of children & youth, and to support this vigorous drive in sharing learning material, the engagement of volunteers in ideation, design, production & curation would be useful.

Support our content team in ideation, design, production & curation of content as the need be.

Will be communicated via e-mail by respective Pratham’s SPOC from the content team. Tasks will be assigned in consultation with our team to ensure that the content is contextualized and relatable to the rural/urban audience we are catering to.

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Development of Digital Learning Content
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Please write to us at to join us in our efforts to create equitable learning for children across the country.