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Skill Requirement:
-Proficient in Hindi, or Marathi, or Kannada as per the requirement of the batch attending the call.
-Comfortable communicating on call with upto 50 participants.

As per our ‘Education for Education’ objective to provide skill & career related support to our youth volunteers and in responding to the current learning crisis, connecting remotely with these youth volunteers periodically,to
mentor them in the coming months is a crucial need all across India.

Conduct virtual mentoring sessions on topics for youth from our H-Learning communities.

Interested volunteers are welcome to conduct remote sessions on Zoom for a batch of 14-25 year old youth volunteers from our H-Learning communities. Volunteers are expected to discuss the session plan which includes themes, content, schedule & feedback, with the Pratham SPOC.

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Remote Mentoring of Youth

Please write to us at to join us in our efforts to create equitable learning for children across the country.