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Evaluation of short answer questions in regional Indian languages submitted on the Assessment app.

Evaluate short answer questions submitted on Pratham Digital’s Assessment App.

Issues Addressed:
Pratham’s Assessment enables the creation of digital assessments that are currently being made use of by learners across the country to appear for digital assessments related to English, Maths, Science, Art Projects etc. Most assessments expect users to submit short-answers in text and STT(speech-to-text) formats, for which we intend to incorporate an automated system of evaluation, that provides information regarding the level of comprehension of the topic, and the depth of knowledge of learners perceived in the answers.

-Volunteers must be proficient in Hindi for this activity.
-Questions will all be related to Science.
-Volunteers will be provided with a set of questions along with their ideal answers. Using this, they are expected to –Evaluate the set of sample answers that children have submitted with respect to the given questions.

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Evaluation of Short-Answer Type Questions
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