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Develop an OCR tool for regional Indian languages, to extract text from the images of handwritten answers of children.

Extraction of text from the images to generate machine-encoded text for handwritten answers submitted in the form of images.

Issues Addressed:
As part of Pratham’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, A message series called “Karona – Thodi Masti, Thodi Padhai” has also been initiated to enable parents and older siblings to engage children in project-based activities that focus on a variety of topics such as Math, Science, English, Art, Music, and Theatre. After successfully completing these activities, children share photographs of the finished project-work and submit hand-written answers to the questions related to Math, Science, English that they receive through SMS. Hence, the objective of developing an OCR tool is to set in place an automated system to extract text from these images, analyze the answers and then provide appropriate information on the same.

Volunteers will be provided with the images for which they will have to write the text found in the image

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Extraction of Text from Images of Hand-Written Answers for Development of OCR Tool
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