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Conduct courses remotely for youth from our H-Learning communities which cater to the learning needs of youth aged 14-25 years. .


Community youth members have always played a critical role in Pratham’s success. Every randomized control trial conducted by the Nobel winning teams of Professors Banerji and Duflo to measure the impact of Pratham’s work showed that when volunteers contributed, impact was high. These volunteers have worked cost free and have contributed immensely to the programs in their communities.

In recognizing and appreciating their efforts, Pratham provides them with learning and engagement opportunities. This is the “Education for Education” model. The objective of this model is to provide skill & career related support to our youth volunteers in return for the unconditional support and initiatives they drive for children in their communities. Connecting remotely with them periodically, mentoring them and helping them upskill themselves – has been a big motivation for the Pratham team and the village youth in ensuring participation from both sides.

Skill Requirement:

-Proficient in Hindi, or Marathi, or Kannada as per the requirement of the batch attending the call.
-Comfortable mentoring a batch of 10-15 youth from rural or semi-urban communities for a period of one month.


Volunteers who sign-up for the program will mentor a batch of 10-15 youth volunteers from our H-Learning communities, and full commitment to the program and the batch assigned for the stipulated duration of the course is our prime expectation.

The delivery of this course will be on Workplace, an interactive collaboration platform created by Facebook. As per the course plan, volunteers are expected to post and upload learning resources, organize weekly calls, like and comment on posts, and ensure fruitful dialogue with youth on the themes and topics of the course.

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Remote Mentoring

Please write to us at to join us in our efforts to create equitable learning for children across the country.