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Objective: To create a repository of stories on Pratham’s read-along storybooks portal – SARANSH in different regional languages, including English.



Volunteers can create stories in any Indian language of their choice by uploading the text and pictures on the SARANSH Portal.


Issues Addressed:

Be it sitting around your grandparents with all the cousins, or reading Panchatantra, Enid Blyton, Harry Potter, or listening to your favourite bedtime tales, you’d agree that stories are an important part of childhood.

However, we find not all children have access to storybooks, some can’t read and many have illiterate parents. Research suggests that read-along storytelling books help children improve their language competence, fluency, and their literary skills.

Once the volunteers sign up on the SARANSH portal, they can start creating stories in 11 different regional languages by adding supporting text and images. A Text-to-Speech software developed by Pratham will convert the story in a read-along format. Pre-recorded audio can also be added to enhance the experience of storytelling. The uploaded stories can be accessed by simply logging into the portal. These stories will be hosted on the Pratham Open School (POS) website.


Activity Details:

  • Volunteers need to sign up on the SARANSH portal using their email ID to create the stories.
  • The languages available for creating story content are English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Assamese, Odia, and Bengali.
  • Each volunteer is expected to upload at least one story on the SARANSH portal.
  • A step-wise guide/tutorial video will be provided to the volunteers which will help them navigate the portal and upload the supporting texts and images for creating the story.
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SARANSH – Creating a repository of stories

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